Laundry Room Design Basics

Laundry Room Design Basics
Arranging your laundry room appliances, furniture and fittings in an ordered manner can make your daily chores so much faster and simpler! In this helpful infographic by Kenwood PLC you can find out how to keep your laundry room clean and safe while avoiding damp issues.

If you need a design inspiration, you can check our articles on 11 green & blue laundry room design ideas and pictures.

11 Green & Blue Laundry Room Design Ideas and Pictures

Creating a comfortable room and has a design aesthetic is a dream and desire of every people, same as the space for washing clothes. If laundry room has a design aesthetic and comfortable, indirectly will help you work with calm, fun and makes you complete tasks quickly.

To create a well laundry room design, comfortable and has a high design aesthetics needed laundry room design basics. If you have more money, you can hire the services of a designer or an architectural. But if you don't want to spend the money for the services of a designer, you can design your own laundry room. And to designed your own laundry room you need laundry room design tool and laundry room decoration ideas. Therefore, here I will show you some laundry room design ideas that is comfortable and has aesthetic.

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Green laundry room design ideas and pictures

Laundry room design ideas and pictures with a touch of green leaves make the room feel like nature.

Blue laundry room design ideas and pictures

Blue is identical with calm and soothing. Whether you choose a washing room in blue? whereas I wanted.

Which you choose for laundry room design?

Folding Wall Shelf Table Design Pictures Ideas

Shelving and storage objects seem to be a solution for homes that are flooded with goods that fall apart. But it would be chaos if the objects storage and shelving is not designed properly. One idea is a simple design fold-able storage area if you do not use it.

Design picture ideas for folding wall shelf table

The picture following below may be able to help you find design ideas for a folding wall shelf table. Of design ideas below will I divide into several categories in order to simplify your design to choose.

Wall mounted folding table shelf with memo board

With wall mounted folding table shelf with memo board you can save space when the table not being used. And of course will greatly help smoothing messy stuff in your room.

Corner shelving wall mounted

The wall mounted table shelves in the corner will further increase the area of ​​your room.

Want to make laundry folding table? This Tools and Materials you need

Is it true your laundry room a very limited space? how do you organize it? The best choice may fall to the laundry folding table wall, you can fold flat into the wall when not in use. In addition you will have more space, this style tends to make your laundry room more efficient.

laundry folding table tools and materials

Laundry folding table tools and materials

If you are thinking of buying a folding laundry table, there are many models out there that you can make the choice that suits the room you have. But if you stop to buy laundry folding table and choose to make their own laundry folding table can be a great idea and saves the budget.

Tools and Materials you need

Here's a list of tools that are needed if you want to make laundry folding table.
  1. Cordless drill
  2. Level
  3. Framing square
  4. Hole saw kit
  5. Jigsaw
  6. Tin snips
The materials list following below are also no less essential.
  1. Melamine shelf
  2. Closet rod brackets
  3. A few screw-in anchors
  4. Metal rod brackets
  5. Tape-measure

Wall Mounted Ironing Board Make Your Home Large Spot

Drag out the ironing board is the step to skipped for some people. Besides being able to spend more time, drag out the ironing board is also exhausting. That is why many people are lazy to drag out the ironing board.

There is nothing wrong if you wish to end the step drag out the ironing board. And it's has a few ways that you can use as a right solution. One such way is to build the wall mounted ironing board.

Now there are two options, whether you want to build your own wall mounted ironing boards, or you can just go to a local store and then buy one. Two of these options are not easy, if you take the first option, you still have to actually do the work to find amazing tutorial, this process of spending your time.

The second option is the same, there are so many wall mounted ironing board on the outcome there and you should find the best and end up buying. But if you do not know and cannot find the best, you are in the right place. Are here, you will find a wall mounted ironing board suitable for your room spot.

Wall mounted ironing board following are the results of research that has been selected for the best laundry folding table part in the market today.

Buying guide an ironing board

Okay, then what do I do after I convinced and decided to buy ironing board?

Consideration the first time is to look for the best ironing board and find out what is the best wall mounted ironing board for your home and certainly can save money your budget.

To help you in finding the best, please read the article on of buying guide an ironing board.

What wall mount ironing boards right to use.

There are two designs wall mounted ironing boards that you might consider. Hidden wall mounted ironing board and folding wall mounted ironing board. Hidden ironing board is perfect for you a stylish, ironing board will blend with the wall and looks very neat when seen, completely hidden and out of the way when stored.

While folding ironing board when viewed feels less savory, less convenient because the installation is clearly visible. But models of wall-mounted ironing board which one is easier to install, doesn't require modifications and major renovations, you just mount the hinges and plates on the wall.

Wall mounted ironing board design ideas

Where do you keep your ironing board? Are you have found the right spot for your ironing board? Might fold down from a closet door or set up in a corner by a window. To give a solution where you will put your ironing board, there are some design ideas that might help you.

Custom Wall Mounted Ironing Board
Over The Door Ironing Board

Top and Best wall mounted ironing board

Best wall mounted ironing board which we select is the best product of general retailers and we've sorted by best sellers, many of the reviews and the number of consumers rate. General retailers include Amazon, Target, Home Depot and Bed Bath&Beyond.

Why we chose the above general retailers? Because general retailers have several options available and can being directly buying online wall mounted ironing board.

1. Hide-Away Supreme Series Ironing Center

Retail: Amazon & Homedepot
Seller: Hideaway
Price Range: $149.99 - $207.99
Consumers review at Amazon: 4.2 out of 5 stars (Read review)
Consumers review at Homedepot: 4.5 out of 5 stars (Read review)

Recessed wall mounted ironing board from Hideaway has a rotating ironing boards and can also be mounted on either the right or left side of the cabinet. Very flexible, because you can adjust the best place you want. You can keep it wherever you want, whether it's in the laundry room or you can put it in your bedroom.

2. Household Essentials StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board - White or Oak
3. Wall Mounted Ironing Board by Hafele
4. SEI Wall Mount Ironing Center by Southern Enterprises
5. Iron-A-Way Handi-Press Surface/Wall Mount Ironing Board Center


Each house or room has different positions resulting in different products wall mounted ironing board accordingly. So, first make sure the right products with the condition of your home or room. Ranging from the size of the product, product feature up to built-in product.